Combination Tool


The combination tool is an annulus-pressure-operated ball and circulating valve that enables communication between the annulus and tubing above an open or closed ball. This tool is usually run into the hole with the ball valve open and the circulating valve ports closed. At the target depth, annulus pressure is applied to close the ball valve, open the circulating valve flow ports, and subsequently return the valves to their original position.

Operation of the tool is controlled by three rupture disks that are exposed to annulus pressure and set to burst at a minimum of 500‑psi (34.5-bar) intervals. Annular pressure is increased to burst the first rupture disk and to close the ball. Pressure is applied again to burst the second rupture disk; the sleeve in the circulating valve shifts, opening the ports and enabling flow between the annulus and the tubing. When pressure is increased to burst the third rupture disk, the circulating valve ports close and the ball valve opens, returning the tool to its original position. When the third disk is ruptured, the tool is locked out.

This tool can be set with a variety of configurations. The ball valve can be set initially in the open or closed position. The circulating valve can be set to start closed, shift open, and then close again. Alternatively, the circulating valve can start in the open position and then cycle closed. The tool is insensitive to tubing pressure changes, whether the ports are open or closed.


  • Flex trips
  • Pressure and inflow testing of liner laps and shoe tracks
  • Shoot-and-pull, tubing-conveyed perforating operations

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The combination tool can be run in different configurations and under a range of operating conditions for use in a variety of applications.
  • The high-accuracy rupture disk (± 2 percent of nominal burst pressure rating) enables controlled operations.
  • The ball and circulating valves can be run either together as a unit or individually, which maximizes the utility of this tool.
  • The fullbore ID of the tool facilitates unrestricted flow and access for well interventions.