Multicycle Circulating Valve


The Weatherford multicycle circulating valve is an unlimited multiple-cycle, differential-pressure-activated valve that provides a means of communication between the test string and the annulus. The tool fulfills two main functions: It is used to circulate fluid into the test string for underbalancing (the cushion) or stimulation purposes. It is also used as a primary kill valve that allows reverse circulation of produced fluids from the test string and can be re-closed to maintain string integrity for more efficient well killing. The tool operates on a fixed pattern with five closed positions, a reverse position, and a spotting position. To cycle, it requires 500-psi (3.4‑MPa) differential pressure alternately between tubing and annulus.


  • Drillstem testing
  • Production testing
  • Perforating operations
  • Stimulation

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The valve can be used to fill the tubing/work string while running in the hole and therefore saves rig time associated with top filling.
  • The valve can be cycled closed after produced fluids from the string have been reverse circulated, thereby maintaining string integrity for bullheading and mud conditioning before pulling out of the hole with the test string.
  • The valve supports a continuous sequence of tool positions, which provides total flexibility of the well testing program.
  • The fullbore ID of the valve facilitates unrestricted flow and access for well interventions.