Single-Shot Kill Valve


The Weatherford single-shot kill valve is a sleeve valve that is operated by annulus pressure. The valve provides communication between the tubing and annulus and is used to reverse produced fluids from the tubing string. This valve is run in the closed position and is unaffected by tubing pressure. The single-shot kill valve is designed to open when sufficient pressure is applied to the annulus to burst a pre-selected rupture disc. Once activated, the valve will remain open regardless of the direction of flow. This valve would typically be secondary to the multi-cycle circulating valve.


  • Drillstem testing
  • Production testing
  • Perforating operations
  • Stimulation

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • Shear pins prevent the valve from opening during run in hole and until the rupture disk bursts.
  • The high-accuracy rupture disk (± 2% of nominal burst pressure rating) enables controlled operation.
  • The ratchet lock ring prevents the sleeve from closing to provide reliable operation of the valve in both reverse and forward circulating modes.
  • The fullbore ID of the valve facilitates unrestricted flow and access for well interventions.