Tubing Test Valve


The Weatherford tubing test valve is an annulus-pressure-activated, single-cycle ball valve that is insensitive to tubing pressure. The ball seals pressure from above only. The valve has a slotted upper ball seat that allows the tubing to fill while running in the hole.

The ball seals on the lower ball seat when pressure is applied from above during string pressure tests. The tubing string can be tested as many times as needed while running in the hole.

Operating pressure is set by a pre-selected rupture disk. The valve is run in the ball-closed position. When the final pressure test on the string has been completed, annulus pressure is applied to burst the rupture disk and open the ball. Once in the open position, the valve cannot be re-closed.


  • Cased-hole testing operations
  • Production testing
  • Perforating operations
  • Stimulation

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • Slotted upper ball seat allows the test string to autofill while running in the hole, which saves rig time.
  • The valve enables making multiple tubing-string pressure tests while running in hole, which can result in early tubing-leak detection and associated rig time savings.
  • The high-accuracy rupture disk (± 2 percent of nominal burst pressure rating) enables controlled tool operation.
  • The fullbore ID of the valve, after ball opening, facilitates unrestricted flow and access for well interventions.