Quartz Memory Gauge


Records downhole pressure and temperature data to enable formation evaluation

Tool Description

The Weatherford WMG-Q records downhole pressure and temperature data in standard mode and delta time. The gauge can be programmed in the office before being sent to the field, and it can be configured in a standard- or single-housing design, depending on the operational requirements. The operator confirms positive operation by connecting the battery pack and observing the positive green light indication. After the gauge has been recovered from the well, WMG software is used to extract data from the gauge onto the operator's personal computer and convert the data files to produce graphical displays.


  • Flow and buildup surveys
  • Gradients and production testing
  • Interference, drillstem testing (DST), and multipoint testing
  • Frac-recovery monitoring
  • Tubing-conveyed perforation monitoring
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Underbalanced-drilling data-sub monitoring

Features and Benefits

  • The WMG-Q quartz memory gauge records battery voltage to memory.
  • Metal-to-metal seals and elastomer O-rings prevent leaks.
  • A fluid-level gradient table is built into the software.
  • The WMG-Q gauge can be deployed by slickline or in DST bundle carriers.
  • The gauge is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • User-friendly software prompts the operator for action.