Heavy-Duty Wireline Fishing


Heavy-Duty Wireline Fishing Equipment

One of the most critical parts of a fishing operation is deciding which tools and techniques to employ. The operator needs to consider the properties of the fish, the other components in the bottomhole assembly (BHA), and the recovery depth before selecting and deploying a fishing solution.

For especially deep or heavy fish, heavy-duty wireline fishing (HDWF) is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to a well workover. Leveraging the high-strength pulling power of an HDWF unit, a skilled wireline fishing team enables you to quickly retrieve the fish and resume normal operations.

With experienced personnel, field-proven technology, and a history of success, the Weatherford HDWF team is prepared for nearly any situation.

Our dedicated wireline fishing specialists draw on their extensive field experience to analyze the problem; choose the most appropriate tools from our portfolio of high-strength, high-impact solutions; and efficiently execute the operation.

Unlike most oilfield service providers, Weatherford has a specialized team dedicated to heavy-duty wireline fishing service.

Our attention to detail at every point—from engineering to manufacturing to onsite support—has made us the leader in this specialized field. 

With more than 25 years of heavy-duty wireline fishing experience, Weatherford is a recognized industry leader.

Our dedicated service includes knowledgeable field specialists and rugged, reliable equipment, including power-assisted jars, heavy-duty pulling tools, heavy-duty releasable spears, and heavy-duty releasable overshots. 

Recover stuck tools efficiently and avoid costly well workovers with heavy-duty wireline fishing. By helping you quickly resume operations, heavy-duty wireline fishing helps to reduce rig-up time, increase jar impact, and minimize trip times.

Heavy Duty Wireline Fishing Tools