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When it comes to critical subsurface information about your well, wireline services can provide unequalled flexibility to help meet your operational and budgetary objectives across all types of reservoirs. With strategically integrated wireline tools, technologies, systems, and talent, we are focused on unlocking the potential of conventional and unconventional resources.

Wireline services include measurement, well intervention, and remediation operations that use a multi-strand cable to convey equipment and measurement devices into open- and cased-hole wells.

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Weatherford wireline services has a comprehensive selection of proven technologies that deliver the critical subsurface information you need.

We offer 10 distinct techniques for conveying logging tools into open holes, which include conventional, conventional with memory, and advanced-memory logging. Beyond logging in open holes, many of our Assure™ conveyance systems can also be used to optimize tool deployment in cased holes for perforating, production logging, and other applications.

Through our cased-hole wireline services, including measurement and intervention services, we help operators increase well performance while reducing well challenges that can arise from faulty cased-hole implementation. This includes problems such as internal and external defects caused by corrosion, scale, and wear.


Weatherford wireline services can log tight holes as well as S-curved or horizontal wells with minimal nonproductive time (NPT)—all while mitigating and controlling the risk of lost-in-hole tools.

Our international fleet of 700 wireline units performs more than 37,000 trips annually to wellsites in 71 countries. Our tool-retrieval-at-surface rate is 99.93 percent for 533,621 jobs over eight years.

Weatherford features a breadth of wireline services and delivery options, as well as our robust R&D efforts. Together, these enable us to tailor data-acquisition programs to your specific well in a ways unique to the industry.

The resulting benefits include significant cost savings and reduced risk of tool loss and failure to obtain data.

Weatherford wireline services leverage innovative and efficient conveyance techniques that help optimize open-hole and cased-hole evaluation procedures while mitigating risks. We improve the performance of your wells with a broad range of research-driven, field-proven, measurement and intervention capabilities.

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