Microseismic Services


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Hydraulic fracturing without a detailed map of stimulation patterns can lead to suboptimal fracture placement, excessive stimulation costs, and bypassed hydrocarbons.

Microseismic technology measures the real-time microseismicity associated with hydraulic fracturing, which can be used to optimize stimulation decisions on the fly and improve placement in later development wells.

Weatherford microseismic services monitors and maps stimulation operations to enable understanding stress orientation and fracture dynamics in the well.

Our proprietary seismic tools record, process, and interpret microseismicity from single-stage or multistage hydraulic fracture stimulations. We can help you improve reservoir management, avoid bypassing pay zones, reduce the number of unnecessary wells, avoid fracture growth into water-bearing zones, identify proppant bridging, and more.

We deliver both near-reservoir and in-treatment-well monitoring with the only purpose-built borehole microseismic arrays in the industry.

Our service provides a three-dimensional visualization of fracture network initiation, growth, and in-filling. These images help you determine efficient well-spacing rules, reveal anomalous drainage patterns and subsurface well interference, and identify inefficient completion designs. Further, a Weatherford Petroleum Consulting team can efficiently evaluate the microseismic data and, if necessary, redesign your completion program.

Our SlimWave array tool acquires microseismic data, from which our specialists produce a three-dimensional map showing the height, length, and azimuth of your hydraulic fracturing.

The tool records the compressional and shear waves generated when the rock formations slip during fracturing. Through precise timing of these wavefronts, we calculate the event origins and plot the results on a 3D model of the reservoir, which enables visualization of the travel path of frac fluids. The detailed map can help define new well placement and orientation for more efficient and complete reservoir coverage.

We provide accurate borehole microseismic mapping that improves fracturing efficiency and hydrocarbon recovery.


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