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A well’s cement quality, casing-to-cement bond, and cement-to-formation bond determine the integrity of the hydraulic seal required to isolate a producing zone. Inadequate cement quality or bonding can result in unwanted fluid migration, environmental hazards, and poor well performance. To help prevent these hazards and improve well economics, it’s critical to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks to well integrity.

From identifying bypassed pay zones behind the casing to evaluating the cement and casing integrity, cased-hole wireline logging helps operators obtain valuable information about the well and the reservoir. Cased-hole wireline measurements are often used to optimize production by identifying conditions that impede flow. It also helps improve well integrity by locating internal and external defects caused by corrosion, scale, wear, and failure.

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Enhanced well performance, fewer well problems

Weatherford wireline cased-hole services include measurement and intervention capabilities, which help operators increase well performance and reduce well challenges that can arise from faulty cased-hole completions. Our comprehensive measurement and intervention services provide a broad range of capabilities and expertise for better-informed production operations that help meet your operational and budgetary objectives.


Weatherford cased-hole services include premium wireline tools that are industry leading for providing data for accurate, comprehensive analysis of casing and cement integrity.

SecureView® casing and cement evaluation service uses a suite of technologies—UltraView™ ultrasonic-radial scanner, CalView® multi-sensor caliper, BondView™ cement-bond tool, and FluxView® casing-imaging—that represent a powerful tool combination that provides simultaneous cement and casing inspections. These tools can be run in combination or separately on single-conductor or multi-conductor wireline cables.

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Weatherford offers a wide range of cased-hole solutions including the Raptor™ interpretive product manager, which provides pulsed-neutron measurements for surveillance of liquid and gas saturations, movement of water and gas, recovery factors, and the efficiency of enhanced-oil-recovery techniques.

Raptor features an industry-leading detector array—the only pulsed-neutron tool calibrated for sensitivity—and it uses only high-quality downhole crystals. Its pulsed-neutron tool is available with downhole in-memory technology for all operating modes. Raptor is also backed by a dedicated and cohesive contact support team of production petrophysicists.

Before proceeding with production through a cased hole, it’s critical to know it will stand up to the demands of the production process. With Weatherford cased-hole wireline solutions, we will help you ensure maximum recovery from your assets.

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