Mechanical and Plugback Services


Plug Back Services

As producing zones become depleted over time, hydrocarbon losses and water and sand intrusion are common problems. Given the complexity of wellbore completions, fixing these problems can involve high intervention costs and significant downtime. 

Rigless, thru-tubing wellbore interventions effectively address these problems—without removing production tubing or small restrictions. This is a much faster and less costly, but equally permanent, solution. By simply using a bridge plug to isolate depleted zones and water- and sand-producing zones, you can quickly remediate wells that have declining production rates, ready wells for re-stimulation, or prepare wells for abandonment.

Mechanical and Plugback Services tool diagram

Weatherford mechanical and plugback services restore production to optimal levels efficiently and cost effectively.

Run into the wellbore on wireline using a hydrostatic setting tool, our compression-set plugs require no explosive devices during installation, which enhances safety. Once set, the rubber element on the plug expands against the casing and forms a seal above troublesome perforations. Then we cement over the plug using specially developed cement slurries. As a result, you get a long-term seal that holds against high pressures from above and below.

Our plugs offer a unique and unmatched combination of high-expansion and high-differential-pressure capabilities. 

Mechanical and Plugback Services Extreme-Plugs

Our plugs pass through small restrictions before increasing the run-in diameter to set in tubing with larger outside diameters. Furthermore, our plugs have a hydraulic healing system that mitigates the risk of seal failure.

The Positive Sealing Plug (PSP™) expands up to 350% to provide immediate zonal isolation in highly deviated, high- or low-temperature wells. It has a Maximumhydrostatic pressure rating of 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa) and a differential pressure rating up to 3,500 psi (24.1MPa).

The Extreme™ plug expands up to 165% to provide immediate zonal isolation in deepwater, hostile, and high-pressure, high-temperature wells. It has a maximum differential pressure rating of 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa).

An economical alternative to the Extreme plug for wells with lower pressure requirements, the Ultra plug expands up to 150% and a maximum differential pressure rating of 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa).

Suited for inactive wells, umbrella plugs function as the name indicates—they shield perforations much like an upside-down umbrella, providing a platform for our specialized cement slurries. Our umbrella plugs achieve expansion rates of up to 800%.

Our mechanical and plugback services help to optimize production by isolating problematic wellbore zones—without the high cost and downtime associated with using a rig and removing tubing and small restrictions.