Direct Pump Setting Tool (DPST)


Provides a nonexplosive solution with real-time feedback of the plug-setting process


  • Used to set bridge plugs, packers, cement retainers, straddles, whipstock, etc., during new well completions or intervention operations
  • Used in water shutoff operations
  • Deployed when maximum well inclination is 60°

Features and Benefits

  • Nonexplosive operations provide improved safety and efficiency.
  • Real-time feedback enhances reliability by providing a positive indication of the setting operation.
  • The multistage tool design offers precise control of setting force, enabling plug and packer elements to properly seal and anchor.
  • The tool design and the elimination of explosives increase transportation options, reducing logistical costs and concerns.
  • The tool is designed for multirun applications without the necessity of redressing, saving time.

Tool Description

Weatherford direct pump setting tool (DPST) is an efficient and safer replacement for conventional explosive setting devices. It is a nonexplosive, multistage, electrohydraulic tool that provides reliable, controlled force while supplying real-time feedback on the progress of the setting operation. Its unique, 10-minute reset process that requires no redressing makes this tool highly efficient for multirun applications.