Dump Bailer Systems


Places cement or sand accurately onto a base or a plug during plug-and-abandon operations


  • Creating permanent cement plugs during plug-and-abandon operations and thru-tubing plugback/ water shutoff operations.

Features and Benefits

  • The positive-displacement (Pd) bailer system places cement accurately and efficiently, even in deviated wells. it provides consistent, clean dumping that leaves no stringers to interfere with subsequent operations.
  • Pd bailers do not require the use of explosives, which supports intrinsically safe operations and less restrictive transportation requirements.
  • The gravity-feed bailer system is simple to operate and requires minimal user training. its lack of internal parts also makes this system easy to maintain.
  • The gravity-feed bailer system can be configured with a standard ballistic release system or the electro Hydraulic Bailer Bottom (eHBB) system for nonexplosive cement placement.

Tool Description

Weatherford offers two types of dump bailers for cement, acid, or sanddumping operations—the positive-displacement (Pd) bailer and the gravity-feed bailer.

The Pd dump bailer uses a weighted swab piston to push, or positively displace, the bailer contents into the wellbore. This feature provides accurate placement in the wellbore and eliminates the possibility of cement stringing uphole because the piston completely empties the bailer at the dump location.

The Pd dump bailer does not use explosives. instead, a solenoid drops a weight bar from a set of collets, which creates a pressure wave that moves a piston in the bottom of the bailer to release the cement. The Pd dump bailer is available in 1.69 in. (42.93 mm), 2.13 in. (54.10), and 3.00 in. (76.2 mm).

The Weatherford gravity-feed system is the most commonly used dump bailer in the industry. it can use explosives to shatter the disk in the bottom of the bailer, which enables the cement to flow, or it can be fitted with the eHBB for an explosive free dumping operation. The gravity-feed bailer is available in the following sizes: 1.69 in. (42.93 mm), 2.00 in. (50.80 mm), 3.00 in. (76.20 mm), 3.50 in. (88.90 mm), and 4.00 in. (101.60 mm). The cement calculator program helps to ensure that the correct volume of cement is mixed before running in hole and being dispatched downhole at the dump location.