Extreme Plugs


Provides high-expansion/high-differential isolation for plugback and abandonment services


  • Deepwater wells
  • Hostile, high-pressure or high-temperature wells
  • Oil, gas, or water wells
  • Wells with thru-tubing restrictions

Features and Benefits

  • The high-expansion capability increases setting ratio (run-in OD to casing ID), which reduces operational time and costs.
  • The slip design and ravel mechanism provide a uniform deployment of the slips, enhancing safety.
  • An advanced anti-extrusion feature allows plugs to withstand higher differential pressures, reducing costs.
  • The healing system™ ensures the integrity of the hydraulic seal, minimizing seal failure and reducing costs.

Tool Description

Weatherford has developed new technologies to obtain exceptional highexpansion/high-differential capabilities. These technologies have been incorporated into the Weatherford Extreme™ plug.


As with all tubing bridge plugs, Weatherford recommends that a cement plug be placed atop Extreme plugs to ensure long-term anchoring and pressure isolation. Contact Weatherford for more information on Extreme plugs. Nominal Extreme plug and packer service ratings are shown below. Contact Weatherford for plug model numbers and technical details.