Junk Basket/Gauge Ring


Used to remove debris and to gauge the ID of the casing prior to running tools with an OD nearly as large as the casing ID


  • Removing debris and gauging the hole before running tools with an OD nearly the same size as the casing ID

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces rig time by retrieving debris and gauging the hole in one trip
  • Saves time when retrieving debris from inside the casing compared to using pipe for the same purpose
  • Enables simple, straightforward application for safe, quick operations
  • Enables packers, plugs, and other equipment to pass easily through the intended path in future runs

Tool Description

The junk basket/gauge ring a single-unit tool consisting of the gauge ring made up onto the outside of the basket mouth. This tool simultaneously removes debris and gauges the hole prior to running other tools (such as bridge plugs and packers) with an OD that is nearly the same as the casing ID. Different gauge ring sizes can be used depending on the casing size.

The basket and gauge ring slide freely along the center shaft of the tool. When run in the hole, the basket/ring unit easily slides to the top part of the shaft, allowing the debris to enter the bottom mouth of the tool. When the unit reaches bottom, the operator quickly pulls out of the hole, slamming the basket down to the end of the shaft. This action creates a metal-to-metal seal with the bottom bull plug and traps the debris inside. At this point there must be no further downward movement with the cable, or the tool must be returned to bottom and the procedure repeated.

The junk basket/gauge ring typically runs with a gamma ray tool and casing-collar locator. Because the close tolerance of the gauge ring to the casing may cause the tool to stick, running a jar is also recommended.