Plug-Back Cement Kits


Field-proven cement kits specially designed for use in bailer applications


  • Zone isolation
  • Water shutoff
  • Well abandonment

Features and Benefits

  • Good particle suspension in the slurry reduces the risk of settling in the bailer, which results in time saved by avoiding additional remedial runs.
  • Minimal water loss reduces the risk of premature setting in the bailer, which minimizes the number of runs and equipment damage.
  • Delayed development of static-gel strength prolongs thickening time (low rheology), enabling easy flow out of the bailer and saving time and money by eliminating the need for additional runs.
  • HIP Mix kits resist gas migration to obtain a sound isolation barrier, saving time and money in additional remedial runs.
  • Multiple slurry densities are available to fit the well conditions.
  • The kits are formulated for a short initial set time (less than 12 hours) after the slurry has been dumped, which results in reduced downtime.
  • The kits are also formulated to achieve high-compression strength development (less than 24 hours).
  • Post-set expansion results in high bonded shear strength to casing, which saves time and money by reducing the number of runs needed.

Tool Description

Weatherford is an authorized distributor of field-proven HIP™ Mix cements, which have been specially designed for use in thru-tubing bailer applications. HIP Mix kits are known worldwide as the benchmark for dump-bailer cement systems. Since 1985, HIP Mix cement kits have an established record based on thousands of successful jobs.