Plug/Packer Setting Tool


Reliably and efficiently sets a wide range of packers, retainers, and plugs, including composite frac plugs


  • Sets production packers, cement retainers, bridge plugs, or composite bridge plugs on pumpdown operations with electric wireline.

Features and Benefits

  • The packer/plug setting tool sets bridge plugs, retainers, and packers faster than tubing-based techniques.
  • The pressure-balanced design of the tool avoids the need to overcome well pressure when setting.
  • Industry-standard connections make the tool compatible with most plug and packer sizes.
  • Components optimized for high-temperature and high-pressure environments are available.

Tool Description

The plug/packer setting tool provides a reliable method of setting plugs and packers. The tool uses pressure built up by burning a powder charge in the combustion chamber. The high-pressure gas that comes from the burning powder charge provides the gradual development of force. The force in the setting tool strokes a mandrel to set the bridge plugs, cement retainers, and production packers.