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Completion and perforation operations designed for specific formations and conditions can accomplish efficient reservoir drainage. Shot density, phasing, hole size, penetration depth, and clean perforation tunnels are essential complements to completion designs for flow management. 

In most well completions, perforating represents one of the most influential processes for flow management and effective reservoir drainage. High-pressure explosive jets form to shoot holes through the casing, cement, and producing formation. Clean perforation tunnels with flow-friendly surface areas provide the optimal hydrocarbon pathways. 

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Efficient perforating services give you better hydrocarbon recovery.

Weatherford offers a wide range of shaped charges, gun systems, safety systems, and advanced techniques to maximize reservoir penetration and operational efficiency. These diverse offerings enable us to create customizable and operator-focused solutions work in any type of formation rock.

We annually perform tens of thousands of perforating runs and millions of perforating charges. Whether perforating for first hydrocarbon contact or reperforating for enhanced production, we deliver advanced products and techniques for quality production perforations. 

Weatherford wireline perforating services include wireline-conveyed and tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) services in all types of environments and conditions.

We offer TCP gun systems with 30,000-psi (206.8-MPa) bottomhole pressure ratings and API registered charges, extensive experience with StimGun™ and StimTube™ propellant-based fracture initiation products, dynamic underbalanced perforating cleanup, and pumpdown plug and perforate services in North America shale plays. We can operate in all environments, all conditions, and all around the globe.

Perforating for maximum recovery is more than making holes in your production casing—it’s a critical interaction with your reservoir. Using the broadest range of available perforating systems in the industry, Weatherford can customize reservoir connectivity to suit your budget and your production targets.

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