iPerf Perforation Simulator


Accurately predicts perforation breakdown before stimulation for maximum efficiency and lowest initial cost


  • Analysis of various perforating carrier and charge configurations to optimize tunnel penetration
  • Assessment of which combination of parameters provides enhanced productivity
  • Analysis of the well-log detail enables the proper completion selection on a foot-by-foot basis

Features and Benefits

Well modeling assesses current perforating strategies relative to other options — including the variation in shot density, phasing, interval length relative to zone thickness, penetration, entrance hole, and damage removal—resulting in the optimal perforating system and improving productivity.

Software Description

The iPerf® perforation simulator is a powerful software-analysis tool that enables well operators to create multiple scenarios with different gun systems and different perforation intervals. The iPerf software compares inflow performance relationships (IPRs) and tubing performance for different tubing sizes. The software also calculates the length of penetration into the formation in a given perforation interval for a particular gun system, calculates the casing-entrance hole diameter, and plots inflow performance under varying wellhead pressures and shot densities. With this information, the well-completion plan can be optimized to provide the most effective perforating strategy.