KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System


Perforates and stimulates your reservoir with less fluid and lower initial bottomhole pressure


  • Perforation breakdown to provide cleaner perforation tunnels and remove/reduce the compacted region created during perforating
  • Break down perforations and extend short fractures, which can aid hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Used for shallow-gas perforating where hydraulic fracturing is not required and conventional propellant-assisted perforating cannot be used efficiently because of depth limitations

Features and Benefits

  • The propellant-generated stimulation gases break through the crushed zone, improving connection to the reservoir.
  • The stimulation gases can initiate a short fracture in the near-wellbore area and improve the ability to propagate a hydraulic fracture, which is especially advantageous in highly stressed formations.
  • The propellant is housed within the perforating gun, enabling a lower fluidcolumn height to be used, lowering the extent of required well cleanup, and increasing productivity after the stimulation.
  • With the propellant housed inside the gun carrier, the risk of gun-to-gun interference is reduced, enabling the system to be used in multizone select-fire systems that are frequently used in horizontal applications.
  • The propellant stimulation reduces the compacted region and extends a fracture into the formation, providing a more efficient channel to the reservoir that, in turn, provides a more meaningful test result in a more efficient manner.

Tool Description

The Weatherford KODIAK Enhanced Perforating System™ combines perforating and near-wellbore stimulation in one operation and cleans up the near-wellbore region to aid inflow and assist hydraulic fracturing. The system integrates specifically designed perforating charges with an energetic propellant material contained inside the perforating carrier.

The detonation of the perforating charges initiates a complex, sequentially burning reaction of the energetic material that generates a high-pressure gas pulse. This pulse initiates and propagates fractures into the surrounding reservoir, improving roduction/injection performance. The propellant is contained inside the carrier; therefore, substantially less fluid tamp is required in the well than other propellant systems (e.g., StimGun® assembly) require, and external rings and centralizers are liminated, which enables stimulation of wells with complex casing configurations.