Limited-Penetration and Squeeze Guns


Perforate casing and tubing strings while maintaining outer-string integrity to enable well remediation


  • Opening flow channels to circulate or inject sealing agents between and behind tubing and casing
  • Perforating pipe to establish circulation that facilitates pipe recovery
  • Perforating to equalize pressure between pipe strings
  • Opening a squeeze path for well isolation and integrity

Features and Benefits

  • Limited-penetration and squeeze guns provide multiple shot densities.
  • Limited penetration protects the integrity of the outer pipe.
  • The slim design accommodates a variety of tubular sizes.
  • Guns for high pressures and high temperatures are available.
  • The guns create a cost-effective cement-squeeze path with open channels for effective coverage.
  • The guns help to equalize pressure between pipe strings.

Tool Description

Weatherford limited-penetration and squeeze guns can perforate a single string to establish circulation and to create a cement-squeeze path for remediating well-integrity issues. Limited-penetration and squeeze guns offer specialized charges, configurations, and shot densities that suit these operations.

Limited-penetration charges enable the operator to establish circulation or injectivity through one string without compromising the integrity of the outer tubing or casing. The squeeze gun offers a higher shot density than the typical density of 4 shots/ft to maximize the flow path around the casing for injecting cement or sealing products.