PulsFrac* Software


Provides reliable predictive modeling of propellant stimulation before application


  • Wireline perforating (tool jump and wireline damage)
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating (load on packer and tubing)
  • Predicting fracture development and extension resulting from use of  propellant-assisted perforating
  • Predicting fracture extension and mechanical load on tubing and packer resulting from extreme overbalanced perforating
  • Determining optimum system configuration for dynamic underbalanced perforating
  • Determining if a specific perforating technique will benefit the formation and provide clean perforations

Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic modeling of a variety of perforating systems determines the completion benefit of the perforating systems, which enables the operator to determine the optimal completion solution for specific applications, reduces overall cost, and improves efficiency.
  • The PulsFrac software assesses possible damage to tubing, casing, packers, and plugs, enabling the operator to select the best configuration while reducing the risk of damage to the wellbore and the associated cost of repair.

Tool Description

The PulsFrac application is software that calculates and displays the dynamic fracturing of a formation and the pressurization and motion of fluids within a wellbore as created by a dynamic source, such as a solid propellant, perforating charges, dynamic underbalanced perforating, or the rapid expansion of an overpressured gas or liquid. The model is routinely used to evaluate the benefits of specific perforating techniques for a given formation and/or wellbore configuration.

*PulsFrac is a registered trademark of Baker Hughes Incorporated and is used under license.