Through-Tubing Perforating System


Provides the flexibility of deep-penetration perforating without removing the completion string


  • Activating additional reservoirs without removing the completion tubing assembly from the wellbore
  • Deep penetration through multiple strings of pipe
  • Perforation of additional production zones without pulling completion

Features and Benefits

  • The system provides high shot densities.
  • Deep and super-deep penetration charges are available.
  • High-pressure and high-temperature systems are available.
  • The system eliminates the need to remove completion tubing.
  • The tool provides multiple phasing and shot density configurations.
  • Using the tool leads to reductions in re-completion costs.
  • Deep penetrating charges maximize the perfect tunnel surface area.

Tool Description

Combining deep penetration, variable phasing, and high shot density, the through-tubing perforating system optimizes production.

Strip perforating systems are available in spiral, 180°, and 0° phasing, and offer deep, through-tubing perforating performance for well-supported casing.

Hollow through-tubing perforating guns offer extended lengths and protection from hostile environments, while limiting debris from perforating services. Hollow gun systems can also be used in gas wells.