Xtreme Orienting Tool


Positions charges precisely to perforate without damaging adjacent tubing in dual completions or external components in intelligent completions 


  • Perforating in dual-completion wells
  • Perforating to avoid damage to external control lines and cables

Features and Benefits

  • The Xtreme™ orienting tool operates in wells with temperatures up to 380°F (193°C) and with perforating guns up to 29 ft (8.84 m) in length.
  • The tool positions zero-based guns to perforate a string of casing with maximum shot density─without hitting adjacent casing strings in the same borehole.
  • A real-time surface readout indicates perforating orientation during operations.
  • The tool locates lines, dual-string tubing, and cables when magnetic properties exist.
  • The tool can be used to position a multiphase perforating gun to avoid control lines and cables on the outside of tubular while providing maximum shot density and phasing.

Tool Description

The Xtreme orienting tool (XOT) is run in a tool string just above a perforating gun. This magnetic and electromagnetic orientation tool precisely aligns perforations in dual completions to prevent damage to the adjacent casing string. By positioning perforating charges precisely, the tool also eliminates the common problem of offset in highly deviated holes.

The top section of the XOT remains stationary within the pipe. A shielded sensor in the lower section of the XOT creates an orientation window.

The tool uses passive magnetic detection to locate the direction of magnetic mass: An exciter coil generates a magnetic field so the voltage in a receiver coil is at maximum level when the window is directly aligned with the adjacent casing string. Conversely, the voltage is at a minimum when the window is opposite the adjacent string.

The XOT orients the charges in zero-phased and multi-phased guns to perforate the targeted zone with zero damage to the adjacent casing string or external lines and cables.