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Pipe recovery is often an unplanned event for oil and gas operators. Geological issues, tortuous paths, and depleted formations can cause the drillpipe or completion tubing to stick in the wellbore and interrupt the drilling or workover process.

The industry uses a variety of techniques to determine the location of stuck tubulars and remove free pipe sections from the wellbore.

Weatherford dispatches dependable, responsible pipe-recovery crews to challenging environments worldwide.

Whether you require services during drilling, workover, or completion operations in shallow onshore or ultradeep offshore wells, our crews can address your specific needs. We provide nonexplosive and nonhazard-rated pipe cutting, and we are the first to offer ultrahigh-pressure services up to 30,000 psi (206.8 MPa) for deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Our engineers have helped to develop some of the most progressive techniques and products for pipe recovery on the market.

We have tailored our offerings for any extreme—from ultradeep waters in the Gulf of Mexico to horizontal wells off the coast of California. We have tested and used products in air-drilling applications up to 30,000-psi (206.8-MPa) hydrostatic pressure and high-temperatures environments exceeding 500°F (260°C).

Pipe Recovery MCT

Our pipe-recovery product suite includes the smallest-diameter motorized cutting tool (MCT) in the industry. A winner of the World Oil “Best Well Intervention Award,” our MCT severs tubulars that have ODs as small as 2.375-in.

Our suite also features the motorized dual-sensor free-point (DSFP) tool and motorized anchor tool (MAT). When combining this product suite with our mechanical plug back services, Weatherford offers you extensive experience in applying nonhazard-rated products.

Under a global license from MCR Oil Tool, LLC, Weatherford offers MCR’s Radial Cutting Torch™ (RCT), a key component in our suite of pipe recovery services. The RCT provides a nonexplosive method for puncturing pipes and making clean cuts with no flaring or swelling. The RCT is certified for safe use with radios and offers the largest combined temperature and pressure ranges in the industry.

Combining techniques developed through 60 years of field experience with the some of the most comprehensive and advanced products in the world, Weatherford provides you safe, efficient pipe recovery service. Whatever your problem, we have a solution.

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