Chemical Cutter


Provides debris-free and flare-free cutting of tubing, casing, drill pipe, and cut-to-release packers


  • Sever tubing above stuck packers
  • Release free section of stuck tubing, drillpipe, or casing strings

Features and Benefits

  • Combining the chemical cutter with a radio-frequency-indifferent igniter saves valuable rig time and maintains critical communications.
  • The cutter has a built-in anchoring system.
  • It is available as an explosive-free pipe-perforating system.
  • The chemical cutter makes flare-free cuts that require no remedial milling and save fishing costs.
  • No pre-cut perforating is necessary when using the chemical cutter.
  • Debris-free cutting leaves the wellbore clean for future operations.
  • Cutter sizes range from coiled tubing to intermediate casing sizes, providing a large range of cutting capabilities.
  • The chemical cutter is available in extended-reach, reduced-diameter sizes for traversing some restrictions.

Tool Description

The precise, flare-free operation of the chemical cutter is the most efficient way to conduct fishing operations. It expedites fishing by providing an undistorted, burr-free cut that easily can be engaged with an overshot. The chemical cutter also is fully retrievable, leaving no debris in the hole to complicate future downhole work. Damage to casing or adjacent tubing also is avoided.

The chemical cutter severs pipe safely, without damaging surrounding areas. Severing capabilities include drillpipe, coiled-tubing, casing, and tubing sizes — ranging from 1-in. (25.4-mm) to 8.63-in. (219-mm) outer diameter.

The chemical cutter releases tubing at the free point and above stuck packers. It also releases stuck drillpipe, cuts casing for patching, and opens up the tail pipe below packers.

The tool comprises the following parts:

Gas generator sub contains the grain for controlled-pressure buildup necessary to rupture sealed disks in the chemical cylinder.

Direct-action anchoring system is a pressure-activated mechanism that firmly locks the cutter in place.

Chemical cylinder contains bromine trifluoride with precision-sealed disks to rupture top and bottom at equal high pressure.

Severing head contains integral catalyst and proper-sized orifices through which chemicals can be exhausted to cut pipe.

Adjustable bowspring centralizer can be run top and bottom to ensure a uniform cut.