Chemical Cutter for Coiled Tubing


Providing flare-free, debris-free cuts in the smallest of tubing strings


  • Cutting coiled tubing

Features and Benefits

  • Gas pressure holds cutter in place.
  • Retractable anchoring mechanisms fcilitate easy retrieval.
  • The cutter provides reliable cutting under specified operating temperatures and pressures.

Tool Description

The chemical cutter for coiled tubing is actuated by mechanical and chemical pressure, and it uses oxidation and reduction processes to cut tubing. This tool chemical cutter for coiled tubing uses an igniter to electronically initiate the gas generator grain. The grain burns at a controlled rate, increasing pressure and temperature in the system. Gas pressure activates the anchoring mechanism to grip the tubing and hold the cutter in place, while additional pressure increases in the gas generator sub to force the rupture discs in the cylinder to split.

Bromine trifluoride is then forced through an oil and steel-wool mixture in the catalyst sub. The chemical reacts with the oil, ignites the steel wool, and increases the temperature and pressure in the chamber. When pressure exceeds the hydrostatic well pressure and the strength of the shear washer, the severing head piston moves down to expose the severing orifices. The activated chemical is forced at high pressure through these orifices and cuts the tubing.

Once the chemical is expelled, pressure in the chemical cutter re-equalizes with the hydrostatic well pressure. Return springs retract the anchoring mechanisms, releasing the tool from the tubing for retrieval.

The chemical cutter for coiled tubing requires trained operating personnel to mitigate complexity and chemical hazards.