Drillpipe-Severing Tools


Separate joints or collars from a stuck drillstring to enable recovery


  • Recovering bottomhole assembly (BHA) components including drillpipe, heavyweight pipe, and drill collars

Features and Benefits

  • Drillpipe-severing tools can be shipped as a class 1.4 material, rather than as a material classification with harsher transportation restrictions.
  • Dual exploding-bridge-wire (EBW) detonators are radio-frequency and stray-voltage immune, which enhances operational safety and avoids the time-consuming process of powering down surrounding equipment.
  • The tools are rated for high-pressure environments such as deepwater and deep-well operations, where rig-time savings are most valuable.
  • The detonation system is completely enclosed to reduce the risk of tool fouling.
  • The synchronized detonation wave maximizes the energy potential of the explosive column.
  • The slim design of the tool enables it to pass through tubular and BHA restrictions such as those encountered in large and heavy assemblies.
  • The tools enable operators to recover pipe without torquing the string.

Tool Description

Weatherford drillpipe-severing tools are available for drillpipe, heavyweight pipe, and drill collars with outside diameters (ODs) of up to 11 in. that must be separated to recover the free section of the drilling assembly above the stuck point. The dual-initiated, metal-severing tools can operate in temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) and pressures up to 25,000 psi (172 MPa)*.

Each tool houses a column of explosive pellets assembled by a field specialist. The pellets create a shockwave that severs most drillstrings in open wellbores. Each tool also incorporates a radio-frequency-safe circuit and dual EBW detonators to efficiently detonate the explosive columns from both ends simultaneously. Because the detonation system does not require radio silence, the operator does not need to shut off or suspend operations of nearby equipment, which saves valuable rig time.

* Specialty pipe-recovery cutter tools with pressure ratings of 30,000 psi (207 MPa) are available upon request.