Free Point Indicator (FPI) Tool


Quick and reliable determination of free pipe depth, even in high-pressure, high-temperature environments 


  • Stuck drilling assembly, stuck point determination
  • Tubular completion retrievals
  • Release overshots, spears, grapples
  • Workover and plug and abandonment aid

Features and Benefits

  • Small-diameter tools suitable for all pipe sizes
  • High-pressure and high-temperature tools available
  • Combinable with string shot and back-off services

Tool Description

The free point indicator (FPI) tool determines the location of stuck pipe under various conditions including blowout, differential sticking, key seat, lost circulation, mechanical sticking, mud, and sand sloughing. The tool locates the points at which the pipe is stuck, the lowest point at which it is free, and the point from which it can be recovered.

The FPI functions as an electronic strain gauge. It measures stretch and torque movements of pipe to determine the precise free point. An inductive transducer measures stretch and angular deflection over the interval between drag springs or magnetic anchors.

To operate the FPI effectively, the user must be familiar with the history of the well before pipe became stuck in the hole and with well conditions, such as overshots, spears, and right-hand and left-hand release subs. Experienced Weatherford operators can determine the nature of sticking—sand, mud, or mechanical—while working pipe.