Motorized Cutting Tool 1-11/16 in.


Flare-free, hazard-free tubular cutting with real-time monitoring


  • Severing tubulars (2-3/8 and 2-7/8 in.) whether in a state of tension, neutral, or compression
  • Direct replacement for dangerous chemical or explosive cutters
  • Severing tubulars in wells that contain dual or multiple completions
  • Operations that require performing multiple cuts

Features and Benefits

  • The mechanical cutting wheel improves wellsite safety and efficiency by eliminating the need to use dangerous explosives and chemicals for cutting.
  • Real-time feedback confirms completion of cuts as planned.
  • The rolling cutting wheel and hydraulic pressure produce smooth cuts without flaring and debris, which improves pipe-recovery operations.
  • The tool enables making cuts in neutral or compression, which eliminates multiple runs.
  • The tool can make multiple cuts in a single trip into the wellbore, which saves valuable rig time.

Tool Description

The Weatherford motorized cutting tool (MCT) is an electrohydraulic tool that mechanically severs downhole tubulars, eliminating the need for dangerous explosives and chemicals. It improves wellsite safety and is the most efficient device of its type in the industry: It relies on a rolling-cutting-wheel design and hydraulic pressure to displace the material of the tubulars and produce a smooth cut with no flaring or debris.

The unique design of the cutting wheel enables the MCT to sever tubulars in tension, neutral, or compression and to make multiple cuts in a single trip into the wellbore. The MCT reduces the uncertainty of traditional explosive cutting operations by providing real-time feedback and a positive indication that each cut has been completed as planned.