Production Logging Services


Production Logging Services CAT RAT SAT

Precise fluid measurements are a key component to maintaining optimal production. As the reservoir and hydrocarbon flow dynamics change over time, successful reservoir management requires the location, identification, and characterization of fluid types and their phases.

Cased-hole production logs provide critical data on fluid movement within the well, which helps you to manage the well and reservoir with an accurate summary of the downhole environment. 

Weatherford offers two families of production logging tools that gather accurate flow data for any production operation, from basic to complex and deviated environments.

Our technologies can be customized for your needs. In single-phase or multi-phase environments, our tools can be deployed via E-line or slickline and provide data via real-time telemetry or memory acquisition mode.

We offer flexibility in production logging. Drawing from a portfolio of both proprietary and third-party specialty sensors, we provide a range of choices in data gathering and analysis. 

Our ShortStak® and Multiple Array Production Suite (MAPS) tools combine with our global production-logging footprint and decades of experience to find the source of any production-related flow event.

We deliver the production logging data you need to effectively and efficiently manage hydrocarbon flow at the well and reservoir levels.