6-Arm Caged Fullbore Flowmeter


Measures flow rates by means of a large-diameter impeller


  • Determining flow rates in vertical, highly deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Profiling injection and production flow
  • Measuring low flow rates
  • Detecting leaks and crossflow

Features and Benefits

  • The collapsible spinner blades and cage assembly enable the caged fullbore flowmeter (CFBM) to pass through tubing restrictions without damage.
  • Interchangeable mechanical sections matched for casing sizes from 4-1/2 to 9-5/8 in., baskets matched for casing sizes from 3 to 9-5/8 in., and solid impeller shafts suited for very high-rate wells provide versatility.
  • Compatibility with other Ultrawire™ production logging tools enables simultaneous measurements and increases operational efficiency.
  • The ability to connect the CFBM with either spinner electronics or a capacitance/temperature flow tool provides further versatility.
  • A lockable spinner ensures that the impeller stays open and provides the correct measurements in high-rate injection wells.
  • The flow meter measures flow rates over a large cross-section of the casing.
  • The flow meter can be deployed in low-flow and high-injection wells.

Tool Description

The 6-Arm Caged Fullbore Flowmeter (CFBM) has a spinner that rotates on precision roller bearings. Zero-drag Hall-effect detectors sense spinner rotation, which is converted into a flow-rate measurement. The low mechanical threshold of the CFBM enables its use in low-flow-rate wells. The normal output is 10 pulses per revolution with directional indication.