Continuous Flowmeter Jewelled


Production logging sensor that measures flow rate in high-fluid-velocity wells


  • High-fluid-velocity wells, sand-producing wells, injection and production flow profiling, measurement of low flow rates, and leak and crossflow detection

Features and Benefits

  • Low-friction jewelled bearings reduce the mechanical threshold of the spinner and improve sensitivity to flow.
  • The rugged spinner housing protects against debris, which allows the impeller to spin freely and avoid operational problems.
  • The spinner shroud is available in 1 3/8-, 1 11/16-, and 2 1/8-in. sizes and customized sizes.
  • The versatility of the ported shroud enables the CFJM to adapt to different borehole conditions.
  • The versatile continuous flowmeter jewelled (CFJM) connects to either spinner electronics (CFJE) or a capacitance/temperature/flow (CTF) tool in 1 11/16-in. and 1 3/8-in. sizes.

Tool Description

The continuous flowmeter jewelled (CFJM) measures flow rates in high-fluidvelocity wells with the use of jewelled bearings that improve sensitivity to flow. Run at the bottom of the production logging tool string, the CFJM is used in combination with a capacitance/temperature/flow (CTF) tool or continuous flowmeter jewelled electronics cartridge (CFJE).

The CFJM has a spinner that rotates inside precision bearings while withstanding high velocities. Zero-drag Hall-effect detectors sense spinner rotation, which is converted into a flow-rate measurement. The low mechanical threshold of the CFJM enables its use in low-flow-rate wells. The normal output is 10 pulses per revolution with directional indication.