Continuous Flowmeter Spinner


Monitors the flow rate of downhole fluid during production logging


  • Profiling of injection and production flow in complex well completions and flow regimes
  • Measuring low flow rates
  • Detecting leaks and crossflow

Features and Benefits

  • The rugged spinner housing protects against debris and allows the impeller to spin freely, which avoids operational problems and ensures accurate measurements.
  • The option to use either the ported shroud or the open impeller cage enables adapting the continuous flowmeter spinner (CFSM) to different borehole conditions.
  • The CFSM can be connected to flowmeter electronics (CFBE) of 1-11/16 in. or a capacitance/temperature/flow (CTF) tool of 1-3/8 or 1-11/16 in.
  • Little energy is required to initiate impeller motion, which is ideal for low flow-rate surveys.

Tool Description

The continuous flowmeter spinner (CFSM) monitors the flow rates of downhole fluid. Run at the bottom of a production logging tool string and mounted on precision roller bearings, the impeller turns as fluid passes by. Zero drag Hall-effect sensors convert the rotation to signal pulses. The pulses are then used to calculate flow rates and fluid direction, including up or down flow.

The design and mechanical construction of the spinner assembly can manage very fast flow, low flow, sand production, and high-viscosity liquids. The size of the housing and impeller is different for each CFSM model. A model should be chosen to suit the well completion and flow regime.