Enhanced Capacitance Water-Holdup Tool


Determines the water holdup by measuring the dielectric constant of the wellbore fluid.


  • Two-phase production profiling
  • Water-holdup calculations
  • Qualitative analysis of wells with high gas-to-oil ratios

Features and Benefits

  • Improved response characteristics, particularly at water-holdup values greater than 50%, enable the enhanced capacitance water-holdup tool (CWH) to work in a wide range of conditions.
  • The improved design assures precise measurements by minimizing the watering out effect, which can result in the tool continuing to read water even though hydrocarbons have replaced the surrounding fluid.
  • The CWH tool measures with minimal effects from salinity, which avoids corrections and post-processing calculations.
  • Compatibility with other Ultrawire™ production logging tools enables simultaneous measurements and increases operational efficiency.

Tool Description

The enhanced capacitance water-holdup tool measures the dielectric constant of the borehole fluid to determine water holdup. Borehole fluid enters a hollow tube surrounding an insulated rod at the center. The tube wall and the insulated rod form the electrodes of a capacitor. An oscillator with frequency-determining circuitry incorporates this capacitance. Hydrocarbons and water have different dielectric constants; therefore, the oscillator frequency indicates the type of fluid in the wellbore.