Fluid Density Radioactive Tool


Determines fluid density during logging operations


  • Multiphase production profiling
  • Fluid identification
  • Other logging applications

Features and Benefits

  • The protective radiation shield is highly resistant to radioactive scale interference, which enables the tool to provide accurate measurements for precise interpretation.
  • The type-A-rated protective radiation shield locks enable the Americium-241 source to be left in place between jobs.
  • The tool provides safe, reliable measurements that are unaffected by well deviation and flow rates.
  • The tool is compatible with other Ultrawire™ production logging tools for simultaneous measurements and increased operational efficiency.

Tool Description

The fluid density radioactive (FDR) tool uses low-energy gamma rays to determine fluid density in any wellbore environment. The FDR tool emits gamma rays from an Americium-241 source at one end of a measuring cell. A scintillation sensor and photomultiplier at the opposite end detect the gamma rays. Well fluid flows through the cell and attenuates the received count rate in an inverse logarithmic function of the average fluid density. The detector istemperature-stabilized and matched to the gamma energy of the source.

Using multipliers, the tool can be calibrated in air or freshwater to derive values applicable to oil and saltwater densities.