Memory Production-Logging Tool


Replaces the real-time transmission of data with an autonomous control module that manages downhole sensor function and collects sensor data.


  • Horizontal wells
  • Areas where deploying an electric wireline unit and equipment is cost-prohibitive and slickline is available

Features and Benefits

  • Nonvolatile log memory retains data during power loss, preventing data loss.
  • The UMT does not require electric wireline, eliminating the additional cost of mobilizing an electric wireline unit and equipment.
  • The UMT operates with any combination of Ultrawire™ tools, improving operational flexibility and efficiency while reducing costs.

Tool Description

The memory production-logging tool (UMT) enables the use of downhole instrumentation without an electric wireline. The UMT can be deployed using slickline and coiled-tubing. Sample rates are variable for each logging tool, and start/stop times are also programmable.

Downhole, the UMT controls the tool string and stores logged data against time in nonvolatile flash memory. When the tool string is returned to the surface, the data is downloaded to a laptop computer. The data is merged with data from a depth-time recorder before processing to industry-standard depth-based log files.