SS Continuous Flowmeter - Temperature Tool


Measures fluid velocity and temperature in high-velocity wells


  • Logging high-fluid-velocity wells, such as gas wells, and sand-producing wells
  • Profiling injection and production flow in complex well completions and flow regimes
  • Detecting fluid entry, gas leaks, crossflow, and fluid movement behind pipe
  • Locating cement tops

Features and Benefits

  • Low-friction jeweled and high-precision roller bearings reduce the mechanical threshold of the spinner and improve sensitivity to flow.
  • The versatile spinner assemblies, available in 1 3/8-, 1 11/16-, and 2-in. sizes, enable the tool to adapt to different borehole conditions.
  • Compatibility with other ShortStak production logging tools enables simultaneous measurements and increases operational efficiency.
  • Quick responses to temperature changes ensure correct measurements for precise interpretation.
  • Two sensor measurements combine in a single tool to reduce the total toolstring length for applications, such as offshore operations, that limit tool-string length.

Tool Description

The Weatherford ShortStak® continuous flowmeter/temperature (CFT) tool runs on the bottom of the Shortstak tool string to measure fluid velocity and wellbore temperature. An integral temperature sensor mounted directly above the flowmeter sensor provides gradient and differential temperature information. The tool provides flow measurements using Hall-effect sensing technology. To measure rotation, the electronic section (CFT) senses the orientation of a sensor disk that is coupled to the impeller in the mechanical section. The rotation speed linearly indicates flow velocity, and the rotation direction indicates flow direction.

The ShortStak CFT can be deployed with one of two types of mechanical sections, depending on the application. The bearing flowmeter assembly (BFA) has high-precision roller bearings for added robustness. The jeweled flowmeter head (JFH) has low-friction jeweled bearings for greater sensitivity. The user can also choose from various types and sizes of housing and impellers to suit the well-completion and flow regime.