SS Fullbore Flowmeter - Temperature Tool


Measures wellbore fluid velocity and temperature


  • Determining flow rates in vertical, highly deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Measuring low flow rates
  • Profiling injection and production flow
  • Detecting fluid entry, gas leaks, crossflow, and fluid movement behind pipe

Features and Benefits

  • Collapsible spinner blades and cage assembly enable the tool to pass through tubing restrictions without damage.
  • Interchangeable mechanical sections can be matched to casing sizes from 4-1/2 to 9-5/8 in.
  • This tool minimizes the total tool string length, which is important for offshore operations and other operations when rig-up height is limited.
  • This tool works with other ShortStak production logging tools to take multiple measurements in a single run, thereby increasing operational efficiency
  • The tool responds quickly to temperature changes, which improves accuracy and enables more precise interpretation

Tool Description

The Weatherford ShortStak® fullbore flowmeter/temperature tool (CFT+FBA) runs on the bottom of the ShortStak tool string to measure wellbore fluid velocity. The mechanical section collapses and unfolds to accommodate impellers and casing of multiple sizes.

The tool provides gradient and differential temperature information using an integral temperature sensor mounted just above the flowmeter sensor. The tool provides flow measurements using Hall-effect sensing technology. To detect rotation, the electronic section (CFT) senses the orientation of a sensor disk that is coupled to the impeller in the mechanical section (FBA). The rotation speed linearly indicates flow velocity, and the rotation direction indicates flow direction.