SS Fullbore Flowmeter - XY Caliper - Temperature Tool


Measures fluid velocity, inner diameter, and borehole temperature


  • Determining flow rates in wells with vertical, highly deviated, or horizontal wellbores, and in wells with uncertain inner diameters (IDs) or low flow
  • Profiling injection and production flow
  • Detecting fluid entry, gas leaks, crossflow, and fluid movement behind pipe
  • Locating cement tops

Features and Benefits

  • The combination of three sensor measurements in a single tool reduces the total toolstring length and makes the tool well suited for offshore applications.
  • The tool responds quickly to temperature changes to maintain accurate measurements and enable precise interpretation.
  • The tool accommodates a wide range of tubular and hole sizes (4-1/2 to 9-5/8 in.).
  • The collapsible spinner assembly enables the tool to pass through tubing restrictions intact.
  • Compatibility with other ShortStak production logging tools enables other logging measurements to be taken simultaneously, which increases operational efficiency.

Tool Description

The Weatherford ShortStak® fullbore flowmeter/XY caliper/temperature tool (FBT) runs at the bottom of the Shortstak toolstring to measure wellbore fluid velocity and temperature as well as the IDs of tubing, casing, or open holes. The ShortStak FBT has a collapsible spinner assembly that enables the tool to pass through restrictions and then unfold inside tubulars or open holes with diameters of 4-1/2 to 9-5/8 in.

The FBT indicates flow velocity by measuring the rotational speed of the spinner blades and indicates fluid flow by sensing rotational direction. The XY caliper tool provides ID measurements that are temperature compensated for increased accuracy. An integral temperature sensor mounted directly above the flowmeter sensor measures gradient and differential temperature.