ShortStak Gradiomanometer Tool


Measures the downhole density of borehole fluids 


  • Logging applications including fluid identification, multiphase production profiling, and fluid interface detection in vertical and inclined wells

Features and Benefits 

  • Can be used in vertical and inclined wells
  • Enables simultaneous measurements and increased operational efficiency when combined with other ShortStak tools
  • Eliminates the safety hazards and required documentation associated with using radioactive sources

Tool Description 

The Gradiomanometer (GDO) tool contains a differential pressure transducer that measures the hydrostatic pressure gradient of wellbore fluids. The GDO measures wellbore hydrostatic pressure at points that are 2 ft (0.61 m) apart in the well. The pressure is transmitted by silicone oil to the transducer. The differential pressure at the transducer is the wellbore hydrostatic pressure between the ports, minus the hydrostatic pressure of the silicone oil. 

Corrections for the effects of pressure and temperature changes on the properties of silicone oil are read from other transducers in the production logging tool string, and corrections for well deviation can be determined from accelerometer data from other tools in the tool-string. Once corrected, differential pressure is presented as a wellbore fluid density.