SS Interface Gravel-Pack Spacer


Provides critical diagnostic baseline for new-wellbore gravel-pack completions


  • Gamma ray density logging
  • Gravel-pack density and time-lapse change
  • Fluid interface (cavern logging)
  • Relative-density variations in or near the casing

Features and Benefits

  • The source compartment features secure positioning for accurate measurements and reliable protection of the source.
  • The tungsten shield prevents direct coupling between the source and detector, which improves density measurements.
  • Compatibility with other 10-pin internal-bus tools enables simultaneous measurements and increases operational efficiency.

Tool Description

The ShortStak® interface gravel-pack spacer (SST-IGS) provides relative density measurements to determine the quality of gravel packed behind screens and slotted liners. The SST-IGS is a spacer sub that encompasses a Cesium-137 source. When attached directly underneath a gamma ray tool, the SST-IGS enables gravel-pack interface logging.

The source emits gamma rays that are measured by the gamma ray tool in rawcounts per second as they interact with the environment. The raw count rate is relative to the density of the surrounding material. This qualitative measurement helps to identify material changes behind tubing and casing when mechanical or sonic tools are insufficient for that purpose.