SS Quartz Pressure Gauge Tool


Provides a measurement of the borehole fluid pressure using an industry-standard, precision quartz crystal, pressure transducer


  • Establishing pressure gradients
  • Determining pressure for the calculation of fluid properties
  • Recording pressure drawdown and buildup data
  • Calculating pressure, volume, and temperature data
  • Analyzing reservoir conditions
  • Thermodynamic correcting of downhole gas volumes to surface conditions

Features and Benefits

  • The industry-standard quartz gauge enables a high degree of accuracy, precision, and reliability.
  • A bellows assembly isolates the crystal pressure sensor and prevents it from coming into contact with potentially harsh fluids and gases—without adversely affecting the accuracy of the pressure reading.
  • The quartz temperature sensor, which is located next to the crystal pressure sensor, provides digital temperature compensation. This enables a timely response to changes in conditions.
  • The SST-QPG can be combined with any cased-hole formation evaluation tools.

Tool Description

The Weatherford ShortStak® quartz pressure gauge (SST-QPG) tool measures downhole pressure in production wells. The internal Quartzdyne* pressure transducer enables a high degree of accuracy, precision, and reliability in downhole environments.

The SST-QPG tool runs on the Weatherford cased-hole, intertool bus (ITB) system. It operates below either the ShortStak CCL/telemetry tool, which is a cable transmission system (CTS-B) with a 1 3/8-in. outside diameter (OD), or the wireline communications cartridge (WCC-C), a high-speed tool with a 1 11/16-in. OD.