ShortStak Sinker-Bar Tool


Serves as spacers for tracer work and adds weight to the production logging tool string 


  • Additional weight to overcome well pressure and frictional forces
  • Spacer for tracer jobs

Features and Benefits 

  • The tool provides additional weight needed to enable the tool string to reach the required logging depths.
  • Because of its electrical feedthrough, the tool can be used at any point in the string, which enables positioning gamma ray sensors in the optimal position for correct interpretation during tracer jobs.
  • Running the sinker-bar tool in combination with other ShortStak tools enables simultaneous measurements and increased operational efficiency.

Tool Description 

The ShortStak® sinker-bar (SKB) tool adds weight to the production logging tool string to overcome frictional forces that prevent tools from reaching the required logging depths. Operators can add as many sinker bars as they need to achieve the required weight. Sinker bars are placed below the telemetry tool and serve as spacers for tracer work.