Shortstak Water-Holdup Tool


Measures water holdup to determine water-tohydrocarbon ratio in borehole production fluids


  • Identifying wellbore fluid levels
  • Profiling two-phase production
  • Calculating water holdup
  • Performing qualitative analysis of wells with high gas-to-oil ratios

Features and Benefits

  • The tool indicates the presence of water in the production fluid.

Tool Description

The Weatherford ShortStak® water-holdup tool determines water holdup as wellbore fluid passes through it and surrounds a cylindrical probe.

The water-holdup tool responds to the dielectric constant of the wellbore fluid. Oil typically has a dielectric constant of approximately 10; water has a dielectric constant of approximately 80. These dielectrics mix in a way that, the higher the proportion of water, the higher the dielectric constant of the mixture. An increased dielectric constant leads to a higher capacitance measured by the probe, which changes the response of a measuring circuit.

The probe measures water holdup to provide a water-to-hydrocarbon-to-air ratio. Optimal results are obtained in a liquid two-phase, water-in-oil environment or when combined with a fluid-density tool to analyze three-phase environments.