Spinner Array Tool


Provides direct measurement of individual phase velocities azimuthally around the wellbore


  • Fluid-velocity measurements in deviated or horizontal wellbores as part of a production profile

Features and Benefits

  • The spinner array tool (SAT) can be deployed by multiple conveyance methods, and SAT data is available at the surface and from memory. This flexibility enables using the most cost-effective deployment method.
  • The SAT enables simultaneous operation with Sondex™ and Ultrawire™ tools that measure other aspects of the flow stream, such as fluid makeup, at the same time as the fluid velocity. Simultaneous operation obtains all measurements at the same time for a more accurate flow profile.
  • The SAT turbines use low-friction jeweled bearings to reduce the mechanical threshold of the spinner and improve sensitivity to fluid flow.
  • Cross-sectional velocity profiling provides phase velocities in segregated fluid streams for deviated and horizontal wells.

Tool Description

The spinner array tool (SAT) has six miniature impellers deployed on bow-springarms, enabling discrete local fluid velocities to be measured at 60° intervalsaround the wellbore. The SAT provides direct measurement of individual phase velocities. Combining SAT data with holdup data from the resistance array tool (RAT) and capacitance array tool (CAT) provides quantitative estimates of the volumetric flow rate of each phase with a much higher degree of certainty and thus provides vital information for reservoir management.

The SAT outputs the direction and speed of spinner rotation, and a relative bearing measurement is incorporated to indicate the high side of the well. MAPview software uses data from the SAT to present three-dimensional imaging of the velocity profile.