Ultralink to Ultrawire Crossover


Communication interface between logging tool and the telemetry system


  • As a communications interface between logging tools operating on the Ultrawire toolbus and the Ultralink telemetry system

Features and Benefits

  • The automatic plug-and-play configuration and startup make it easy to use.
  • The selectable Ultralink bit rate suits varying demands and conditions.
  • Detailed toolbus error detection and logging facilitates fault finding.
  • The capability of monitoring the head voltage and internal temperature of the Ultralink to Utrawire crossover (XTU) enables the user to continuously check tool performance.
  • Automatic transmission of the tool-string configuration to the surface system minimizes user input.
  • Automatic downlink-failure detection triggers reversion to the default bit rate to avoid data corruption.
  • Automatic generation of a default polling program enables all the identified tools to share the available bandwidth on the wireline, which minimizes user input and ensures that the full data set will come from each tool.

Tool Description

The Ultralink™ to Utrawire™ crossover (XTU) is an intelligent bridge between the Ultrawire toolbus and Ultralink telemetry system. The tool acts as both a communications interface and a programmable logging controller. It incorporates a DC-to-DC converter that converts the high voltage on the Ultralink line to power the Ultrawire toolbus.

Acting as a logging controller, the XTU polls each tool in the tool string for its data packet and assembles all packets into data frames for transmission to the surface acquisition system. The XTU automatically generates and executes the polling program to simplify the logging process. The logging engineer can modify the polling program.