BondView Tool


BondView Tool

Acquires measurements for determining the quality and vertical length of the cement bond between the casing and the formation

The Weatherford BondView cement bond tool provides data for interpreting the quality and vertical length of the cement bond to the casing and formation. The BondView tool uses a monopole transmitter along with 3- and 5-ft (0.9- and 1.5-m) receivers to provide traditional amplitude, travel time, signature, and variable-density-log (VDL) measurements. It delivers superior measurements in high-temperature, high-angle, and high-pressure, water- or oil-based fluid environments.

The BondView tool is suited for high-angle wellbores, in which centralization is a key component of quality downhole acoustic measurements. The short, lightweight tool design helps to eliminate problems caused by inadequate centralization.


  • Lightweight, short design
  • High temperature and pressure ratings


  • Delivering 3-ft (0.9-m) measurements, which depict the cement bond to the casing, and 5-ft (1.5-m) measurements, which enable interpretation of the cement bond to the formation
  • Determining top of cement
  • Determining hydraulic isolation between zones


  • The BondView tool is easy to centralize in horizontal wells, which improves data quality.
  • The tool provides reliable data and safe operation in most wellbore environments.
  • Measurements are less affected by casing corrosion or pipe-thickness changes than ultrasonic tool measurements.
  • The tool can be run on either single- or seven-conductor wireline.
  • Combinability with the Weatherford SecureViewSM suite, including FluxView™, UltraView™, and CalView™ tools, enables diagnosis of multiple downhole threats in a single pass.


Short and lightweight, the BondView tool is easy to centralize to enable accurate acoustic measurements in highly deviated wellbores.



Measurement specifications

Output 3-ft (0.91-m) and 5-ft (1.52-m) amplitude, TT, VDL, attenuation
Logging speed 50 ft/min (15.24 m/min) at 1-in. vertical sampling
Vertical resolution 3 ft (0.91 m)
Depth of investigation CBL: Casing-to-cement interface
VDL: Dependent upon cement bonding and formation
Mud-type or weight limitations Water-based mud, oil-based mud
Combinability CCL, gamma ray, neutron,  UltraView™, FluxView™, CalView™


Mechanical specifications

Outer diameter 3.38 in. (85.5 mm)
Length 10.75 ft (3.28 m)
Total weight (in air) 164 lb (74 kg)
Temperature rating 350ºF (177ºC)
Pressure rating 20,000 psi (138 MPa)
Casing size Minimum 4.5 in. (114.30 mm)
Maximum 13.38 (339.85 mm)