CalView Tool


CalView Tool

Provides high-resolution radial measurements for advanced cross-sectional analysis of casing deformation and trajectory

Weatherford high-resolution 40- and 60-arm CalView tools provide an accurate internal casing profile using an array of precision-calibrated feeler arms. Each arm provides an independent radial measurement. CalView tools deliver 400 data samples per meter. By comparison, legacy caliper tools provide the industry standard of 40 samples per meter. No other caliper in the market can deliver equivalent vertical resolution at nominal logging speeds. The high-resolution 40- and 60-arm CalView tools can be combined with other Weatherford high-speed-telemetry SecureView tools, such as the FluxView, UltraView, and BondView tools.

The wellbore measurement and onboard inclinometers supply a rigorous eccentricity correction algorithm that provides superior data for the analysis of casing deformation and trajectory. Real-time monitoring of tool response enables the operator to perform multiple passes over anomalous features detected in the casing profile.

Using the high-resolution CalView data, TVision analysis software classifies each casing joint with respect to the worst-case defect found and provides a convenient joint-by-joint well summary. The analysis package can also graphically display the casing as a 2D cross section or an interactive 3D image. The produced images enable high-definition inspection of internal geometries and detection of possible pipe deformities.


  • An array of caliper arms delivers high-resolution (10 samples/in. or 400 samples/m) and independent radii measurements.
  • The eccentricity algorithm and onboard inclinometer package enable advanced cross-sectional analysis.
  • The temperature sensor highlights sources of fluid entry to support the identification of casing anomalies.


  • Monitoring internal casing corrosion or scale buildup
  • Evaluating drilling wear
  • Inspecting marine risers (using available extended-reach kit)
  • Identifying split, parted, or deformed casing
  • Evaluating pipe deformation caused by geomechanical issues
  • Analyzing axis deformation, clearance circles, and ovality


  • CalView tools can deliver the most accurate wellbore profile in the industry.
  • The tools provide superior data that enhances the interpretation of geomechanical deformation.
  • The tools can be run on either single- or seven-conductor wireline.
  • Combinability with the Weatherford SecureViewSM suite of tools (including FluxView™, UltraView™, and BondView™ tools) enables diagnosis of multiple downhole threats in a single pass.


With an array of precision-calibrated feeler arms, CalView tools capture data samples at ten times the industry standard rate.



Measurement specifications

CalView model 40-Arm 60-Arm 60-Arm* (8.5) 60-Arm* (10.75)
Data Measured radii, temperature, tool orientation
Logging speed
(std mode)
7000 ft/hr
(2133 m/hr)
4800 ft/hr (1460 m/hr)
Logging speed
(high-res mode)
2880 ft/hr
(877 m/hr)
2000 ft/hr (610 m/hr)
0.1 in. (2.5 mm)**
  0.001 in.  (0.025 mm)   0.002 in.
(0.050 mm)
 0.003 in.
(0.075 mm)
Accuracy  ±0.010 in.  (±0.25 mm) ±0.012 in.
(±0.30 mm)
±0.025 in.
(±0.625 mm)
Borehole fluids WBM, OBM, salt, air

 * with arm extensions
** in high-res mode

Mechanical specifications

Tool diameter 3.635 in.
(93 mm)
5.5 in.
(140 mm)   
8.5 in.
(216 mm)
10.75 in.
(273 mm)
Caliper arms 40 60 60 60
Casing ID
3.875 to 7.75 in.
(98.6 to 196.9 mm)
 5.75 to 9.625 in.
(146.10 to 244.50 mm)
7.625 to 13.75 in.
(193.80 to 349.30 mm)
  12.0 to 20.250 in.
(304.80 to 514.40 mm)
Pressure rating  20 kpsi (138 MPa)
350ºF (177ºC)