Sector Bond Tool


Provides an improved method to azimuthally evaluate the cement bond around the casing


  • Determining the quality and vertical length of cement bond to casing and formation
  • Identifying channels in cement

Features and Benefits

  • Eight sector measurements provide full circumferential resolution of the casingcement interface to reveal the presence and geometry of a channel in the cement that hinders hydraulic isolation and casing stability in the wellbore.
  • For bond logging in mature wells where the casing is more likely to have degraded, the relatively low-frequency measurements of the SBT are less affected by casing corrosion and pipe thickness changes than ultrasonic tool measurements.

Tool Description

Weatherford developed the first Sector Bond® tool (SBT). It provides quality data for interpretation of the cement bond to the casing and to the formation, as well as the vertical length of these bonds. Also, the SBT reveals the quality of the cement bond around the circumference of the casing. Nine transmitters and ten receivers combine to provide traditional 3-ft and 5-ft amplitudes, travel time, waveform data, and eight individual sector measurements that depict the distribution of the cement around the pipe. Eight sector transmitter-receiver pairs—spaced 2 ft apart longitudinally and at 45° intervals circumferentially—fire and measure sequentially to scan the circumference of the casing for the presence or absence of cement. An additional transmitter and 3-ft and 5-ft receivers provide traditional amplitude, travel time, signature, and variable density log (VDL) measurements. The sector and 3-ft data provide the cement-to-casing bond measurement, while the 5-ft data serves to identify the cement-to-formation bond measurement.