Cased-Hole Petrophysics Interpretation


Cased-Hole Petrophysics Interpretation monitor

Life-of-reservoir management requires conclusive data that tracks and identifies the changing location and characterization of fluid types and their phases.

Through the collection and skilled analysis of petrophysical data, operators can determine the amounts and location of oil, gas, and water, which enables informed reservoir development planning to maintain optimal production.

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Weatherford production petrophysics provides actionable reservoir surveillance data through first-of-its-kind hardware, high-fidelity computerized response characterization, advanced petrophysical workflows, and a wide range of answer products.

Featuring the in-depth experience of our production petrophysicists, our systems deliver data with industry-leading sensitivity and accuracy. The result is saturation data that lets you maintain production with confidence and efficiency

The Raptor reservoir saturation system includes the only five-detector-array pulsed neutron tool in the world.

With 250% more gas sensitivity than traditional two-detector pulsed neutron tools, the Raptor™ system delivers accurate and actionable reservoir saturation curves. Rather than a fuzzy, qualitative interpretation of what lies beyond the casing, our technology defines oil and gas volumes within a few saturation units.

Our petrophysical toolkit includes the Raptor pulsed neutron tool, the only five-detector array pulsed-neutron tool in the world.

Once we receive raw data, we begin our petrophysical workflows that ultimately provide precise and understandable answer products:

New shale and mineralogy petrophysics―The Raptor system is the first pulsed neutron technology in the industry to use mathematical, petrophysical processes for shale reservoirs. This advancement replaces an analyst’s opinion with auditable,
petrophysical processes.

Four-detector mixing―The Raptor is the only pulsed neutron logging instrument in the industry with an array of four spectroscopic gamma ray detectors. This improves the fidelity of the petrophysical data and also can provide dimensional saturation measurements, which enables formation slicing, or saturation measurements at different depths within the formation.

Coherence Processing―The Raptor analysis provides evidence that the tool actually sees the formation. This feature is especially important in complex wells, including those with multiple casing or production-tubing strings inside large casing.

We provide petrophysical solutions with actionable data that allows you to confidently surveil, rediscover, adapt, and produce your wells.

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